The Asturian motocross rider Enol Megido, 19 years old and from Cabañaquinta, died this morning after suffering an accident yesterday in Valladolid, when he participated in the XIII Motocross Championship of Rueda. Despite experiencing a slight improvement, the young man has not been able to recover from the critical situation in which he was.

The young man suffered a fall when he was only four minutes away. He hit his head and suffered a cardio-respiratory arrest that greatly complicated the situation. His helmet, as the witnesses verified, did not even show a strong blow, hence it is even valued that he could have suffered an indisposition in the race that caused his fall-

The athlete was treated in the same circuit before being admitted to the University Clinical Hospital of Valladolid. The Spaniard participated in the Open category and after the event the race was suspended.

Vasrios colleagues from the world of motocross and trial in Asturias are using social networks to send encouragement to the young man and his family.

The witnesses: “It was a simple jump”

“It was an inexplicable fall because it was a simple jump of three meters . ” Neither clash nor risk jumping. The witnesses who were yesterday in Rueda, are still thinking about what happened.

One of the people who attended the youngster on-site, who this year processed his license with the Motoclub Valdesoto and at the same time had some friends with the Carkaba Team, recounts precisely how difficult it is to find an explanation of what happened. More than a race accident, many are inclined by a possible indisposition of the pilot. After seeing the fall and running towards the motorcyclist, the witnesses found Megido already in cardiorespiratory arrest.

Another of the participants of the race, who was just behind Megido in the race, explains still surprised the circumstances of the incident. “He fell forward and seemed to do nothing for him anymore.” Other elements also give an idea that the force of the crash would not have been the cause of the very serious situation that Enol Megido goes through: “The medical tests only throw a small blow to the hip and little else, nor does the helmet have a big blow “, say witnesses of yesterday’s race in Valladolid.