The next stop on the 2021 Pro Motocross season schedule is Southwick, home to one of the few sand tracks on the American circuit. Located in Southwick, Massachusetts, the Wick 338 is not known for its amount of jumps but is known for its amount of, well, sand. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to visit the Wick 338 last year due to Covid but we are eager to once again experience the awesome racing the technical terrain offers. So get ready as we head to the fifth round as the racers play in the sandbox and scroll down below to see what you need to know about Southwick.

Those at Southwick are five hours behind the United Kingdom. Adjust the schedule accordingly. The stream will start with the second timed sessions on Saturday morning, as usual, and those sessions start at 15:00 in the UK (16:00 in mainland Europe). Free practice actually begins at 13:00 in the UK though. The first 250MX moto begins at 18:15 in the UK and 19:15 in mainland Europe, then the rest of the races run straight after that. The final 450MX moto begins at 21:15 in the UK.

Watch live Southwick down bellow !!

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