We give you 5 tips for winter dirt bike riding 


Thermals are your friend. A thin layer close to your body will help keep the warmth in without adding a lot of bulk to your riding apparel. We recommend a compression wear such as the Virus Stay Warm series. They keep around 5-degrees of body temperature in while staying dry.


Warm hands can make all the difference to comfort on the bike when it’s really cold. Numb or frozen hands can make life difficult and even dangerous when in the trails. Look for a nice and thin pair such as the Fox Forge gloves or Acerbis Zero Degree gloves. An overly thick pair of gloves designed for road or even at times adventure use will feel like you are riding in boxing gloves. If you don’t have the budget for a new pair of gloves, a pair of latex gloves over the top of your regular gloves will help cut the wind, which will go a long way to keeping your hands warm.


The icy wind on your neck will send chills down your jacket and up into your helmet. A good quality balaclava or neck warmer is well worth the investment. While we talk neck, tape the inside of the mouth vent on your helmet.


Even though you are freezing, you will still sweat out plenty of fluids underneath all the layers of riding gear. Wear a Camelbak and keep drinking throughout your ride. You won’t feel like you are hot and sweating, but dehydration will set in quickly.


When you are looking at buying an enduro jacket, buy a good one. Don’t jump online and pick the prettiest colours. Look for high quality features such as removal liners, zip-off sleaves, comfortable fit, pockets, vents and if you compatibility for a neck brace if you wear one. Many jackets also have some padding around the shoulders, elbow and back, which is a bonus and in most cases still comfortable. Try some on, jackets aren’t one-size-fits all.


If you are heading out in extreme conditions, tell someone! Carry a SPOT tracker when possible and be prepared for something to go wrong. Would someone know where you were if you had an accident in the freeing cold alpine mountains? Make sure they do!