After going 3-6 in the first two main events of the 2020 Glendale SX “Triple Crown”, Adam Cianciarulo was charging back through the first after a crash early in the third main event until he hit the deck hard through the whoops. It was a tough hit that took AC out of the third and final main, giving him a 3-6-17 scorecard on the night for 8th overall. We heard he is okay and we expect to see the #9 back on the gate for Oakland next weekend.

Adam Cianciarulo :

Great night of racing until the last few laps! Had a weird kick in the whoops and the rest was history. I got checked out and it’s nothing serious—so I’m pumped on that. Really sore to say the least, though. I appreciate everyone reaching out! Good times ahead. 😃

Video from the scary crash

Adam Cianicarulo crash🙈

Posted by Mx.Fails on Saturday, January 25, 2020