Chad Reed opened up on his uncertain future as a supercross racer in 2020 with Steve Matthes in a very interesting podcast that also includes his car racing exploits.

“I’ve finally come to a point in my life, it’s weird to sit here and say this because I’ve always been scared to say it, I’m not scared anymore,” said Reed. “I was always scared of what if I can’t race. I’ve found something every bit the same feeling of not more at this point in my life (racing cars).

“Do I want to race in January and next year? 100% that is the highest priority but I am past the point of begging for rides and begging for a good bike, if it’s not meant to be it’s not meant to be.”

“There’s many things in the works,” said Reed on trying to find a ride. “I’m a little bit stressed on Australia, New Zealand and Paris ( getting bids for off-season races). Whatever you see me doing in Paris is likely what you will see me doing next year. There are many moving parts to everything, you are waiting by the phone to figure out answers. There’s not a lot of stability anywhere. You have (teams) X amount of money to work with, it’s crazy.”

On his chances of racing at A1 Reed said it could be his last ever supercross! “Anaheim would be my 250th start. I think I make Anaheim, if it really doesn’t work out and my days are done, I think I show up at Anaheim, somebody gives me a motorcycle, I go race number 250 and that’s it, that’s the record.

“I could see in my situation, I actually have a full understanding and a new realisation of why James just walked away. I could do that, I always thought it was kind of a dick move but I get it. There are so many things bigger and better than moto I just, I don’t want to sound bitter or anything like that, I’m really, really glad I lived the era I got to live, it’s very different. For me it’s not as fun and cool as what I thought it once was. For me I could see how you can think, ‘I’m ready to move on with a new crowd.’ I love it (moto) and I don’t want that to be the case, (but) there are moments you feel pretty smoked on it.

Reed Pic: Feld

“I don’t think it’s the end, I think there’s possibility. What kind of sucks when I think about that it could be it, is that I’ve been working hard, you throw me on a bike right now and I’m okay, I’m in really good shape, I’m in better shape at this point of the year than I have in years, my body and mind is good, we’ll see.”