Two dirt bike riders have been badly injured by metal cables which were strung across a track in bushland in Victoria’s west.

Corey Davis is slowly recovering after riding at 70kmh into two thick metal cables tied across a track  near Warrnambool on Sunday.

Friend Warrick Greer rode with a broken collarbone to get help for his mate, who he feared was dying.

The pair never saw the cables, with Mr Davis slamming into them shortly before Mr Greer followed.

“He had the initial hit and he hit very hard,” Mr Greer said.

Mr Greer’s impact obliterated his collarbone and fractured his arm.

But with Mr Davis seriously injured, he knew he needed to take action.

“He was just flailing back and forth and just screaming in pain,” he recalled.

Warrick Greer thought his friend was going to die. Source: 7News

“The last words he said to me were ‘I really need help.’ And that’s when I just had to pull my s*** together.”

The men were alone and isolated, with Mr Greer believing it was a matter of life and death.

“I had to get and do something because it was, in my eyes at that point in time, it was his life,” he said.

Despite agonising pain and momentary blackouts, he rode for 45 minutes to get help, fearing his friend would die.

The men were on dirt bikes when they collided with the cables. Source: 7News

“As much as I wanted to stay, I knew he needed help, and help was not from me sitting there with him. I had to go.”

Six days on Mr Davis still can’t eat, talk or move after suffering a fractured spine, fractured hip and pelvis and a punctured bowel.

He’s set to be in hospital for weeks and his friends and family want to know why the cables were across the track.

Victoria Police are investigating the incident. Questions have arisen as to why the cables were present with Parks Victoria having scheduled for the tracks to be reopened weeks earlier.

“This should never have happened. Ever,” Mr Greer said.

The men’s friends have since set up a fundraising page to help pay for medical costs.