Unless you’re six foot plus with legs like tree trunks, chances are that at some point in your riding life you’ll find a bike too tall, too heavy or just downright unwieldy.

Certain styles of bikes are far taller and/or heavier than others, but you shouldn’t let your height hold you back (within reason) from giving it a go. 

In the video, enduro pro ‘Megs Braap’, herself on the diminutive side, gives her top tips for riding dirtbikes when you’re vertically challenged.

Meg’s tips:

1: Work on your balance! 
 – Practice low speed skills including figure of eights, static balance and weaving between trees.

2: Keep an eye out for places to plant a foot.
– Look ahead in technical terrain and find somewhere safe to stop

3: Use your legs rather than upper body.
– If you need to manoeuvre your bike, Megs recommends leaning the bike on to your legs as they are far stronger than your arms and torso. 

4: How to dab the floor with your foot
 – In order to touch the ground, Megs recommends ‘side slipping’ off the bike in order to get one foot fully on the ground. 

5: Have confidence! 
 – Last but not least, the enduro expert says: ‘Don’t let your size, or the size of the bike, deter you from becoming a better rider’.

Admittedly these tips are tailored to dirt bike riding, but the skills are revelant across all aspects of motorcycling. 

Happy riding!