Liam Everts has posted an emotional post urging his dad, Stefan, to pull through his Malaria sickness that has left the ten-time world champ seriously ill in intensive care.

Liam gave an insight into the mentality that made Stefan the greatest motocross rider of all time by saying, “Dad I hope you read this message, I want you to stay strong, you’re the hardest man I’ve ever met, your way of thinking and everything,” Before adding, “don’t give up, you’re almost there.”

Stefan has given Liam his sole attention since Suzuki pulled out of GP racing and, but for a mechanical, Everts looked set to be 85cc world champion this year and also made the podium in the 85 EMX series.

Liam made the decision to go to the 125 class this winter and has been working hard with his father to adjust to the new machine.

source: gatedrop