The Italian Nicola Dutto is a professional motorcyclist who has won many important races in Italy and Europe, his life changed completely when in March 2010, an accident caused several fractures, including the sixth vertebra that left him without mobility in the legs .

But determined to continue in competitions only two years later, he was already participating again in what is his passion.

His new challenge was the Dakar Rally, but at first the organization was not clear that Dutto could debut in the raid, since according to Marc Coma, former Dakar sports director, he lacked boards to carry out the navigation, he had to participate in championships in the that will train that aspect.

That’s what he did and in 2017 Nicola competed in the first place for the Merzouga Rally that he did almost in full, he missed a stage that went through health problems and was 81st. He also participated in the Rally of Morocco that same year, where he managed to finish in 41st position.

These two experiences served him to select him to participate in the Dakar Rally 2019, which begins this January 7.

You will be driving a KTM 450 Rally adapted to your needs. The Italian will have to work hard to be the first paraplegic motorcycle rider to finish an edition of the Dakar.

 He will also have the Spanish driver Julián Villarubia to help him in the inconveniences of the race “To finish the race with my friend, with a paraplegic pilot, I think it would mean writing a beautiful page in the history of sports, this is something so personal, so intimate and a lesson in life so great, that I have plenty of motivation, “said Villarubia.  

 They are part of the Offroadd Adventure Crew, along with Pablo Toral and Víctor Rivera, the team will escort Dutto and seek to finish the most important rally raid in the world.