Ricky Carmichael has revealed he wishes he had raced the world championship during his racing career – and dominated the Europeans!

The admission from America’s greatest came during a revealing and honest chat on Carmichael and Jeff Emig’s Real Talk 447 show with Ricky Johnson. During the chat both Johnson and Emig revealed they had planned to go try and win a world title for the USA bin their careers before injury curtailed that ambition.

This is what the legendary and patriotic American trio had to say on their world championship ambitions:

Johnson: “I wanted to go to Europe. I wanted an American to kick ass in Europe I didn’t want them to survive – I wanted to crush them. So my plan (before a wrist injury took away his career) was to do my three years, 89, 90 and 91 then go live in Europe because I was mature enough at the time.”

Emig:“I was thinking the same thing going into 2000. My place was to race three more years in the US, I was in the best shape, the best mindset I had ever been in and then I wanted to go and run the red, white and blue in Europe to finish my career.”

Carmichael: “Yeah I think that’s one of  my biggest regrets. I always wanted to win a GP, I didn’t know if I wanted to stay there the whole year at the time. Now, looking back and I’ve been to Europe a lot more times and really enjoyed it there, I wish I would have went and raced and won some GPs and like your saying RJ, go there and really be dominant like you were in the States, like I was and like you were Jeff. Just go there and display over there what we were able to do here on a week-in and week-out basis.”

See the rest of the brilliant interview below with Johnson here including the dark place he went to after retiring due to that broken wrist.