Joey Savatgy has called Eli Tomac out for not thanking him for moving over at the Monster Energy Cup to allow Tomac to the Million and also said Tomac didn’t even congratulate him for having a baby!

“I know I would have won that race, I don’t care what anyone says,” explained Savatgy on the Swapmoto podcast with Micheal Lindsay.

We crossed the finish line and I got second Iw as years whatever, Eli was stoked. Everyone was having a good time, it was awesome. His mum and dad came up to me and said, ‘ we really appreciate what you did.’ His mechanics came up to me and shade, really appreciate that, it means a lot. At the time I said I would do it again, fast forward now nine or ten months later, I’ve yet to hear a thank you from that guy. I never got a high five, I never got nothing from that guy.

“I’m very subtle about things, I’m very precise on the motorcycle, knew how much time I needed to give up for him to get close, was he a little bit closer than he anticipated in the sand, yes, of course for the most I did a very good job of being very subtle about losing the amount of time needed so he would be close….

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