The guys from Stunt Freaks Team are back in charge again. After leaving us with their mouths open with their latest mini-beast.


On this occasion, the heart of his latest creation comes from the world of sidecars, specifically the Sidecarcross modality. It is a powerful engine manufactured by the Germans of Zabel, model ZM29, a two-stroke engine with a giant cylinder of 699 cc that is capable of delivering 82.1 hp of power , a figure, which in relation to the weight of the motorcycle (around 100 kilos) serves to make us an idea of ​​the beast that we have under the butt.

In order to adapt this huge engine, the people of Stunt Freaks Team had to make several modifications to the chassis – cutting part of the lower section – in addition to turning the swingarm to facilitate the adaptation of the new 700 cc engine, a change that He also forced them to place the entire transmission train on the right side. 

The bike has been assembled during the two days of the last motorcycle fair held in Finland, where the members of Stunt Freaks Team had set up a small stand to promote the products of their store . The rush forced them to adopt some unconventional solutions such as the American tape that covers the air-box tube, so they have promised that, later on, they will give it a review to make it perfect.