Riding a motocross bike is no easy thing. These motorcycles are designed to handle very differently compared to a road bike. Riding them with one hand is something that only a few can master after years of experience and tons of determination.

Craig Parks was one unfortunate rider who met with an accident many years ago and lost his right arm. Riding an Aprilia RS 250, Parks lost the rear wheel around a left hand corner when he was doing 90 mph. The crash took his arm clean off and he was left with injuries to his legs and hands.

That crash did not stop the biker who had motorcycles infused with his DNA. Parks’ motorcycle has been altered a bit to suit his condition because riding motocross is a very physically demanding sport.

Losing an arm in a motorcycle accident didnt stop Craig Parks from getting back on a motocross bike and living his dream.

As you will see from the film he doesn’t just ride, he hauls ass & hits all the big jumps and shows many of the riders the way round the track !! We have absolute respect for this guy…