Anyone who has had a powerful motorcycle in their life will have tried to make a little wheelie. The dynamics are simple: load the weight of the body backwards, lower a gear, open gas with a certain decision … and voila, your front wheel will start to take off. 

The most experienced in these areas are used to make very long horses controlling the gas and the balance of the bike, and since the action cameras have been made accessible to most pockets, thousands of bikers are recorded demonstrating their capabilities at the time of making a wheelie , unfortunately on public roads in most cases, with the danger that entails.

Today we witness the miraculous rescue of a motorcyclist who was a hair’s breadth away from suffering a major crash on his KTM 250 EXC. As you can see in the video, this reckless biker joins a motorway with the front wheel already in the air, running a handful of meters a wheelie.

However, when the bike starts to turn aside, it has no choice but to land, but it makes a serious mistake: it does so with the front wheel twisted , which translates into a wild shimmie that ultimately manages to control despite the fact that the front wheel skids several times on the asphalt, passing to few centimeters of the guardrail.

Of course, if this biker is a lottery fan, he should buy several coupons because this luck is not very common …

The video: