Monster Energy Yamaha Star Racing Dylan Ferrandis will miss Fox Raceway National the start of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross season to undergo surgery on a ligament tear in his left thumb in order to return to full fitness at the earliest date.

Dylan Ferrandis


Unfortunately I had a small crash Tuesday and I hurt my left thumb, I thought it was minor sprain but the medical exam showed broken ligament with Stener effect, which mean it will never recover without a surgery.

I wanted to try to ride Saturday but without surgery in the few weeks the ligament can die and the damage can be irreversible for the rest of my career.

We decide with the team to go for the surgery now to have me back at my full physical capacity as soon as possible that mean I will miss the beginning of the motocross season.

I am at the saddest point of my career to have to miss a championship that I won last year and to not put the #1 plate where it belong, I worked so hard and invest everything I could to win again this championship, this sport is so ruthless, I have broken heart for my sponsor and people that help me I’m sorry.

Jeremy Coker
Monster Energy Yamaha Star Racing
“I am extremely gutted for Dylan. He has worked so hard to be prepared for the Pro Motocross season. It is heartbreaking for both him and the team to have his title defense ripped away from him like this, but we know he will rebound even stronger and be ready to win races and championships.”