KTM, Husqvarna and GasGas will have all new two-strokes for 2023. The biggest change that was hinted at is a move away from TPI (transfer port injection) where the fuel injectors are on each side of the cylinder heading into the transfer ports, the oil is injected in the crank case and the throttle body just modulates air. While the TPI system has its benefits on paper (never having to adjust jetting for elevation or weather changes, not having to premix, greater fuel economy, less oil usage) there have been real world problems from the beginning. Poor mapping, not running clean, having a bit of a hesitation, lacking a hit of power, and just being down on HP in general to names some of the specifics. 

TPI up until this point has been only on XC and Enduro models from each brand yet from these photos, that seems to be all about to change. The bike we are looking at is the Husqvarna TC 125 of Max Ernecker in the EMX125 class. 

Here is a look at the Kein throttle body. Again, this will have gas and air like a four-stroke. We are not sure if the oil is premixed or if there is a tank under the seat and an oil injection system. On the TPI bikes, the oil tank was in the down tube of the frame and the filler cap was directly bellow the triple clamps.

Obviously, this bike has the newest frame and body work we see on SX and MXGP race team bikes. But you can also see no back up kickstarter, showing confidence in their estart design and a completely new engine. The black thing in the front would most likely be the starter.
We see the latest tank and seat. You can also see it uses a 'four-stroke' style throttle with two cables.
 You can also see it uses a ‘four-stroke’ style throttle with two cables.
Same new plastics, seat, frame, and swingarm as the four-strokes.