2022 World Supercross Championship Cardiff and Melbourne Supercross payouts revealed for each rider!!

The Teams Decide What The Riders Are Paid

The purse money is actually paid to each team based on their riders finishes. It’s then up to the teams to decide in contract how to disperse these funds amongst their riders. We’ve heard some riders went to the series on little-to-no salary terms with their teams but receive all the purse money for their finishing positions. Other riders told us they have a salary / show-up money in their contracts per race they attend but in turn don’t receive the full purse for the positions they finished. We’ve heard anything from the team taking 10% off-the-top, to as high as 30%…or even some riders who got all base pay and no purse. On top of that, we’ve had two riders confirmed they’re required to give 10% of their earnings to their mechanic in this series.


World Supercross Team Purse Payouts as Earned by Rider’s Finishing Positions

PositionTeam NameCardiff WSX ClassCardiff SX2 ClassMelbourne WSX ClassMelbourne SX2 ClassTotal
1.Honda Genuine$32,450$5,620$37,350$15,600$91,020
2.Rick Ware Racing$11,700$16,880$42,450$17,360$88,390
4.Wildcard Riders$42,850$1,950$6,450$2,160$53,410
5.BUD Racing$14,350$13,440$7,350$8,680$43,820
6.CDR Yamaha$11,850$4,670$10,050$8,750$35,320
7.GSM Yamaha$7,100$8,680$7,600$3,300$26,680
8.NILS Honda$10,850$1,530$12,050$1,870$26,300
9.FXR ClubMX$4,900$2,160$13,500$4,200$24,760
10.PMG Suzuki$5,850$3,970$3,900$2,320$16,040
11.MDK Motorsports$3,100$1,820$4,300$1,170$10,390

Total purse combining WSX and SX2 class = $250,000

World Supercross Class (WSX) Purse Payouts

(Riders with * are wildcards, so their purse payouts goes directly to the riders and isn’t paid to a team)

(Riders with ** are estimations as we’re not sure if they receive payment when they aren’t scored in the mains)

PositionRider NameCardiffMelbourneTotal
1.Ken Roczen$30,000$30,000$60,000
2.Joey Savatgy$8,400$40,000$48,400
3.Eli Tomac*$40,000$0$40,000
4.Vince Friese (tied)$20,000$15,000$35,000
4.Justin Brayton (tied)$15,000$20,000$35,000
6.Josh Hill$10,000$8,400$18,400
7.Cedric Soubeyras$9,000$4,050$13,050
8.Cade Clason$2,650$10,000$12,650
9.Jordi Tixier$3,500$9,000$12,500
10.Angelo Pellegrini$7,350$3,050$10,400
11.Dean Wilson$2,450$7,350$9,800
12.Adrien Escoffier$5,350$3,300$8,650
13.Anthony Bourdon$3,050$5,350$8,400
14.Thomas Ramette$4,050$2,250$6,300
15.Ryan Breece$3,300$2,450$5,750
15.Grant Harlan$2,250$3,500$5,750
17.Fredrik Noren$3,800$1,850$5,650
18.Hayden Melross*$0$3,800$3,800
19.Luke Clout**$1,850$1,650**$3,500
20.Jack Brunell* (tied)$2,850$0$2,850
21.Jackson Richardson (tied)$0$2,850$2,850
22.Kyle Webster*$0$2,650$2,650
23.Justin Starling (tied)$2,050$0$2,050
23.Alex Ray (tied)$0$2,050$2,050
25.Chad Reed**$1,650**$0$1,650
26.Josh Grant** (tied)$1,450**$0$1,650
26.Joel Wightman** (tied)$0$1,450**$1,450

Total WSX class purse: $180,000 per round ($360,000 for season)

Supercross 2 (SX2) Class Purse Payouts

(Riders with * are wildcards, so their purse payouts goes directly to the riders and isn’t paid to a team)

PositionRider NameCardiffMelbourneTotal
1.Shane McElrath$16,000$16,000$32,000
2.Chris Blose$12,000$6,000$18,000
3.Max Anstie$3,600$12,000$15,600
4.Mitch Oldenburg (tied)$8,000$4,000$12,000
4.Aaron Tanti (tied)$4,000$8,000$12,000
6.Carson Brown$6,000$1,280$7,280
7.Wilson Todd$2,020$3,600$5,620
8.Maxime Desprey$2,680$2,020$4,700
9.Phil Nicoletti$1,120$3,220$4,340
10.Matt Moss$1,440$2,680$4,320
11.Derek Kelley$3,220$880$4,100
12.Henry Miller$880$1,360$2,240
13.Dilan Schwartz$750$1,440$2,190
14.Lorenzo Camporese$980$1,200$2,180
15.Jace Owen$1,040$980$2,020
16.Cole Seely$1,280$590$1,870
17.Justin Bogle$1,200$620$1,820
18.Kyle Chisholm$670$750$1,420
19.Dylan Walsh*$1,360$0$1,360
20.Thomas Do$550$670$1,220
21.Derek Drake$620$550$1,170
22.Dylan Crawford*$0$1,120$1,120
23.Rhys Budd*$0$1,040$1,040
24.Dylan Woodcock*$590$0$590

Total SX2 class purse: $70,000 per round ($140,000 for season)