In this clip from the full 3 hour podcast, Jeffery
Herlings issues Eli Tomac with the ultimate challenge. A1 vs 1 moto on a rough sand track to decide who is the fastest man in the world.
Jeffery Herlings is often referred to as the fastest man alive. He is a 5x MXGP World Champion and rarely does interviews. I was fortunate enough to film a young Herlings at the McGrath ranch way back in 2013 but we haven’t had any contact since then. From just that one shoot though I always knew Jeffery would make a hell of a podcast if we were ever able to make it happen and today is the day.
Jeff is not afraid to speak his mind and is honest not just about his strengths but also his weaknesses. We talk about sand, his relationship with Eli Tomac, his future plans and much more.