Jett Lawrence, who just oozes confidence and has a character that is very likeable. Already an AMA 250 Motocross champion it is easy to see this teenager score a handful of AMA championships and I wouldn’t even be surprised if he one day returned to Europe to try and catch himself a World title.

Just like watching Herlings, watching Lawrence is a lot of fun, because you are never sure what type of line he might take or what he might do to surprise us.


Cooksey Media is a very good podcast show on YouTube caught up with the Aussie and asked him some pretty cool questions about the difference between USA and Europe when it comes to tracks.

Now we hear all the time how supercross is the reason that the GP riders are better than the AMA guys at the moment, and I always found that to be disrespectful to the GP riders and organizers, because in my opinion and that of many others, MXGP rules because of the gnarly circuits, the diversity of the circuits and the ridiculous competition between a handful of legends in the class. Nothing to do with supercross, and just a fact the whole structure of MXGP is so damn good at the moment.

Below are some comments from Lawrence from the Cooksey and Coach show and once again, Lawrence sets the record straight as to why GP riders rule the World now.

Jett Lawrence: There are some amazing tracks in Europe. You have so many tracks in France and Belgium, you have several tracks within 30 minutes of each other and to me they smoke the American tracks. In America everything is prepped nice, they are all man made and big jumps and in Europe, they are more natural track. I find it is better for learning and learning a flow. A lot of tracks I rode on a 85. I really liked Lommel. There are a lot of sucky days in the winter, but also some fun days.

100% the tracks in Europe make you a better rider. I don’t want to diss the American amateurs and I am sure there are some great riders, but I am sure most of the European amateurs would beat the American amateurs. They are riding rougher and gnarlier tracks and training 20-minute motos and the American amateurs are riding four lap sprints to try and qualifier for Loretta Lynn’s. It isn’t their fault, that is just the program. I don’t think it is a good program and I am glad I only had to do one amateur year in America, because if I had to do more I would have flown back to Europe. I even think a local bandit who rides Lommel has a higher skill than the American or Australian amateur riders. They are riding tougher tracks and they learn fast.

The lines in Europe are way better formed than at the AMA Pro races. At the GPs they open their lines, like car racing lines and at the Nationals they suck, because they go from one turn, and they put it on a string and go straight to the next turn. Also, the motocross tracks are like a supercross track, that has crossed over to Outdoors.

You can watch the full Podcast here