The most dominant brand in the modern motocross competition era just took another leap forward. To keep a winning edge in the radical world of competitive motocross, KTM have refined every critical detail, delivering the most innovative production SX ever built. Created with the same uncompromising focus that went into every SX model of the past two decades, the 2023 range once again steps up the game and puts championship-level performance within reach of a wider range of motocross racers of all ages and sizes.

KTM 125 SX


All it takes is one hard, fast rip into a loamy berm to know that the 2023 KTM 125 SX is a serious contender in the 125 cc race. Not only has the ‘Ring-ting-ting’ been given a fuel-injected revival, but the entire motorcycle also benefits from class-leading developments at every end. Boasting accolades such as being the leader in 2-stroke motocross innovation in the modern era, the 2023 KTM 125 SX simply slays the rest of the 125 cc class. All you need do is prod the starter, blip the throttle and let rip.


Pre-mix gets a remix across the 2- stroke KTM SX range, with Electronic Fuel Injection setting the standard. Now there’s no more fiddly jetting setup pre-race, And thanks to the all- new Keihin EFI and reed valve case design, you can be guaranteed of laying down optimal power at any altitude, all of the time.


ELECTRIC START Picture this; You’re 7 laps into an absolute ripper of a race. You miss your line and end up stalling in a deep rut. But you don’t sweat it. All you do is press the starter button and you blast off again to take the final flag. This is the reality on the 2023 KTM 125 SX. Thanks to a 12,8V 2 Ah lithium ion battery is placed under the rider’s seat, a new high-quality stator & pickup and super robust design, the only thing you’ll be kicking – is ass.


EFI + POWER VALVE With EFI comes great rideability. Along with the electronic fuel injection, a new power valve has also been fitted to the KTM 125 SX. allowing for more usable power throughout the rev range. Smoother power means better traction. Better traction means holeshot heaven!


PERFORMANCE Designed to churn out more torque than any 125 cc 2-stroke engine to ever come before it, the 2023 KTM 125 SX is set to continue its dominance in its class with unrelenting forward momentum. With an overall engine weight of only 17.86 kg and impressive horsepower figures, this lightweight powerplant retains its typical high-revving character, while laying down the grunt where it matters most.

KTM 250 SX

For decades, the 250 cc 2-stroke class has been at the forefront of pure unadulterated performance. It is epitomized by sweet-smelling 2-stroke smoke, top-end powerbands and ‘Braaaap!’. The 2023 KTM 250 SX takes that to an all-new, gnarlier level. Thanks to a swathe of cutting-edge advancements across the board, this 2-stoke legend has stepped up, and even further out of reach of the competition.


KTM 300 SX


Maximum power at the least possible weight, amplified by low maintenance costs and smooth, linear power delivery – the 2023 KTM 300 SX is set to take the MX Open category back to school. Churning out more than 57 HP from an engine weighing only 23,9 kg, the KTM 300 SX sets the benchmark when it comes to power to weight ratios. Could the 2023 KTM 300 SX be the new Open Class president?

PERFORMANCE The new 300 cc 2-stroke powerhouse brings a new choice of weapon into the MX Open category and provides more choice for racers looking for maximum power at the least possible weight. Along with low maintenance costs, 57 hp, and an overall engine weight of just 23,9 kg, the 2023 KTM 300 SX provides pure performance. And then some.

KTM press release

 How do you improve dominance? 

 Like any championship racer, we search every single corner for gains, for performance and for perfection. The 2023 KTM SX models aim to reshape the market as well as riders’ expectations. We haven’t changed our approach for outright excellence, so that means we’ve changed quite a bit for 2023. We still have 12 models that scale from electric learner bikes through to two-stroke minicycles (50, 65 and 85 cc) to larger two-stroke thrillers at 125, 250 and 300 cc capacity. The KTM SX-F machines consist of 250, 350 and 450 cc four-strokes. A potential AMA 450SX winner or MXGP world champion can grow in orange from his or her first motos on the dirt right up until those last few corners as a winner at the very highest level. So, we have the bikes, but why jump into the family? Why embrace the KTM DNA? Well, the KTM SXs are the most powerful in each class and have the finest components. They are the most race-focused.  Racing informs us to empower you. The 2023 KTM SXs are sleeker, slimmer, more controllable and the most desirable. They are our best expression of the ultimate motocross race machine and are ready for when you want to get really serious. 

Behind the gate: Preparation and equipment We are market leaders with the use of cutting-edge design and technology throughout our motorcycle portfolio, and the 2023 KTM SXs are perfect examples of this. Partnerships with companies such as KEIHIN, PANKL and Brembo mean that performance possibilities have expanded. The 2023 KTM SX range will count on two maps (one standard, softer, with linear power and another for a more aggressive response and power character), launch controltraction control (only for SX-F models), a ‘roll-over’ sensor, an hour meter as standard, with electronic fuel injection status, and a fuel indicator through the Keihin engine management system. While preparing for battle, quickly and easily set your WP XACT suspension with the completely tool-free adjustments, now possible with the latest spec WP Suspension engineering. New 1.9 gallon (7.2 l) polythene fuel tanks can quickly be filled (feeding into the protected one-piece fuel pump and filter) and a quick check of the Excel alloy rims is faster and easier thanks to the fresh spoke ‘nipple’ design. You’re READY TO RACE.

 Gate-drop and surging into action Fired up with the electric starter (on all models) KTM SXs hammer along the straight and into the corners and jumps with ease. Our engine packages are more compact, more durable, more serviceable and offer the best power-to-weight ratio across the board.  New cylinder heads translates into performance gains, while rearward rotation of the engines by two degrees has given better centralization and an improved drive out of corners. Brand new 5-speed PANKL Racing Systems transmissions with an additional sensor for the four-strokes mean that up-shifts (from 2nd gear onwards) are slicker, thanks to the Quickshifter function. The Quickshifter can be disabled with a switch on the handlebar to meet rider preference, while a new, weight-optimized shift shaft in the transmission means decreased shifting force at all times. A Brembo hydraulic clutch ensures top-of-the-range dependability whatever the conditions.  With our two-strokes, less carbs = more muscle. We’ve graced our KTM SXs with a new electronic fuel injection to ensure simplicity, enjoyment and unmatched performance. Therefore, the SXs get a new 39 mm throttle body with injectors positioned for pinpoint response. A ‘remix to the premix’ counts on a TPS-sensor for better behavior while idling and for perfect fuel-air mixture (and can’t forget the cold start mechanism, which is the same as the KTM SX-Fs). The effect is ‘more’: more power, more response, more assurance, more ease, more fun. 

Finding the flow then attacking the track The demands of competition, fitness and the track set the tone for any moto. It’s in the depths of this hard, physical stage of a race when the connection and feeling with the motorcycle can make the difference and allow you to fully harness the excitement and fulfilment of competition. We’ve taken our chassis and frame design principals back to the core and have sought better dynamics, stability and strength. ‘Longitudinal rigidity’ is a key phrase and with accentuated rider feeling coming through an ‘anti-squat’ philosophy. This has been achieved by a new frame and mounts, subframe, swingarm, engine repositioning, ergonomics and WP Suspension tech. The frame is hydro-formed, laser-cut and robot-welded. The wall thickness has been optimized to achieve improved specific rigidity in high stress areas such as the steering head and all new shock mounts. The KTM SX two-strokes have new parallel frame mounts. The design is sportier with sights on extra agility; an example comes through the new inwardly moved footpegs for even greater clearance in ruts and for dropping the bike flat for scrubbing jumps. New footpegs are even larger in surface area and, thanks to die casting, are even lighter than before. Stiffness has been dialed with lighter die cast hollow swingarms (new casting processes allow for even more weight saving) and a new rear axle. The WP Suspension XACT shock is shorter and lighter. The internal flow of liquids is more flush, reliable and resistant, and the shock’s smaller dimensions lower the chances of pollutants and dirt intrusion. The shape permits higher ground clearance from the linkage, and advanced damping means better traction as the bike ingests bumps with the new geometry and settings. Entering corners or landing jumps any KTM SX will take full advantage of WP XACT forks with AER air technology featuring a new hydrostop for more effective performance and more bottoming resistance.  The 2023 KTM SXs are narrower and further honed, but we have also managed to increase contact area and surfaces to allow even more input into the handling of the bike. The flat orange seat – offering excellent grip and a stance emphasizing greater control – and the reworked front fender are other identifiable marks. The ‘mud flaps’ of the fender prevents excessive soil being flicked up towards the rider and the radiator in particularly wet conditions. 

 Finishing the moto strong You’ve gone faster and longer than ever, but any Pro racer will tell you that the last two to three laps of any moto are key. This is another area where the versatility and usability of the new KTM SXs can really shine. The improved energy absorption, thanks to the forgiving chassis design, keeps you fresh even to the very end of the race. Reworked CNC-milled triple clamps with optimized bar mounts and wider grip surface area leads to less handlebar ‘twist,’ ensuring you’re headed straight to the finish even with an unplanned corner laydown. The whole unit is protected by a new number plate design. The subframe, designed with advanced finite element analysis, is now a finely engineered hybrid thanks to polyamide reinforced aluminum, applying strength into the lower part of the frame and extending flexibility for control and comfort in upper sections.

Count on the last inches of traction and performance provided by the Dunlop GEOMAX MX33 tires; chosen for the 2023 KTM SX lineup after a careful testing and selection process. Once across the finish line it will be time to recover, reset and think about the next outing.