Brian Moreau writes a touching message on his Instagram account two years after his crash at the 1st East Coast SX event in Tampa, Florida:

So where to start?!
I still haven’t found the right words to simply tell you what’s going through my head and what happened on February 15, 2020 but I’ve been injured for two years now, it went quickly but times very long.
I know many of you are expecting good news from me and hope that I get back on a Breff motorcycle I’m sorry I couldn’t write and explain my situation to you sooner because it was a big emotional shock for me to no longer being able to do what I love most in my life and even if in the back of your head there is always a light that tells you that it’s not over when your situation proves to you that everything is fine and well ended.
I find myself today, 20 years old, no longer able to walk, no longer able to do what I love, no longer able to live from my passion, take the motorbike, go as quickly as possible, become the best and this crazy adrenaline that sport can provide.
I both love and hate this sport.
2 years later things have settled down in quotes and I have only one thing to say to wrap it all up.
Already a big thank you to the people who supported me and who supports me.
the Musquin family, KTM, Troy Lee gas gas Factory.
My relatives my Agent some friends finally what is left. I just hope one thing is that my life improves and becomes normal again in everyday life. I injured myself I had just turned 18, my license in the United States in one of the best teams in the world, at the highest level in my sport Brief a life that all young people dream of. But life decided otherwise. Today I am 20 years old and I am certainly alive and there is always worse, but suffering day after day. I wish that on no one. As you have understood the motorcycle sport at high level is over, hard to make a reason but such is the life. I am fighting and I believe that my situation will improve… thanks to everyone and I will keep you informed of my developments.
I love you.
Just keep grinding and believing. 🙏🏼
Ps sorry for the spelling mistakes.
BM104 ❤️‍🔥