Kelana Humphrey the 13 year old from Bali, Indonesia living the dream in the US had a huge crash yesterday in the WTP Motosports Best Whip Competition

Kelana Humphrey recently become Red Bull Athlete and he is like the mini-Ryan Sipes riding everything.. lately he started free riding with Tyler Bereman, Jeremy Twitch Stenberg, Axell Hodges and many more top free riders. And have no fear hitting really big jumps !!

Kelana Humphrey on Social Media :

It was over before it began. Way over shot the landing on my first jump and landed in the flats @wtpmotorsports best whip comp today. Laying in the hospital now wishing my boys luck. Luckily no broken bones. Just waiting for MRI results. Thanks for all the check up’s everyone. Keep ya posted

I’m good. Some bruising. Feeling it. Ready to get out of here but I’m good. Thank you everybody that has reached out. Means so much. Congrats to my bro @jarrydmcneil on the win. Stoked for you bro 👊🏽

Here is the video of the crash down bellow !!